How Biden’s open borders policy has now created a crisis at our southern border

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How Biden's open borders policy has now created a crisis at our southern border

The hope for a looser immigration policy that the Biden administration propagated, has resulted in thousands of migrants crossing irregularly into the Southern US border through Mexico.

This surge of migrants on our Southern border has resulted in a growing crisis that seems to have overwhelmed Mr Biden, as he has been unsuccessful in his attempts to discourage the journey and in holding them back.

This poses more threats to Americans as more illegal migrants have been able to find their way into the system. In addition to people, smugglers and cartel members have seized this opportunity to carry out their illegal businesses undetected and to move drugs across the border.

Such a situation can lead to social disruption which can affect the security and wellbeing of Americans if not curtailed properly.


Why is this happening?

President Biden who is hell-bent on undoing all Trump’s policies, through his actions encourage the rising numbers of migrants to the US.

His new immigration policy has led thousands of new migrants to the border which has resulted in the crisis we now experience at our southern border.

The Biden administration in January ordered a 100-day halt to deportation of illegal migrants already in America, it has chosen to accept unaccompanied minors which have drastically increased the number of migrant children seen on the US-Mexico border. 

These actions have given most migrants the impression that the Biden administration does not intend to enforce its immigration laws, which has resulted in the rush at our southern border.

He has implemented these policies without having a plan to prevent a surge in migration to the southern border.


How big is this ‘crisis’

open borders policy has now created a crisis at our southern border

The Head of Security for the East Foundation, Matt Robinson reckons that he is seeing 10 to 20 times more migrants illegally crossing the foundation land than the last autumn and US customs and border protection had around 400,000 encounters with migrants from last October through February, which has been the highest number during those months since 2006.

This has also affected people in our communities as Susan Kibbe, Executive Director, South Texas Property Rights Association states that, after been threatened by smugglers and cartel members, some ranchers are afraid to go to parts of their land.

This problem has continued due to the failure of the government to get down here and speak with the locals

Our immigration court system is now overburdened by the numerous cases they have to handle. There are about 1.3m cases on their desk and most illegal migrants disappear into the communities while they wait for resolution and be granted asylum.

Also, the executive order from Biden’s administration reversing the unaccompanied minor policy has come with its own complications. From October to February, about 30,000 people, under the age of 18 who are mostly children presented themselves on the border without a parent.

Going by this number, a record of 120,000 could arrive this year which will result in a big problem as this can overwhelm the resources, overburden the system and result in a bigger problem on our border.

It’s also worthy to note that Biden’s administration campaign vigorously on enhancing the immigration policy which they used to garner more votes from immigrants eligible voters that made his presidential victory last year possible. But his failure to effectively plan and manage this rush on the border can lead to more chaos.

This crisis at our southern border is created by the new policies made by Mr Biden, and his actions that are encouraging more illegal entries of migrants through our southern border.

This shows that President Joe Biden is less interested in upholding the American sovereignty, security, and wellbeing of Americans, and is ready to risk it all for his political agenda.

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