Joe Biden Lies About College

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The Democrats have paraded Joe Biden as a man of character, a man of honesty, and high morals. How much of this is true?

Frankly, none of it.

With the media’s help, they have portrayed President Trump for the past four years as “Orange Man Bad”. Then they coerce the people to support Joe Biden during the primaries and now the Presidential election. All the while, the Democrats and media have hidden the fact that Joe Biden is, in fact, the epitome of “White Man Bad”. This video made the rounds until big tech throttled back its spread on social media, and the networks refused to air it.

This video has Biden boast at a 1987 rally, “I went to law school on a full academic scholarship…[and] ended up in the top half of my class.” Biden also maintained that he “graduated with three degrees from undergraduate school” and was the “outstanding student in the political science department.”

Not one of those claims was honest, as newscasters who at that time told the truth affirmed that he was indeed lying.

The truth is that Biden graduated 76th of 85 students in his law school class, had only a partial scholarship and did not win top honors in his undergraduate discipline.

In his 2007 autobiography “Promises to Keep,” Biden explained that he had been angry at that rally since “it sounded to me that one of my own supporters doubted my intelligence.” According to a 1987 Newsweek piece, a supporter had “politely” asked Biden what law school he attended and how well he had done.

Biden shows not only his idiocy but also his ability to lie without ever really apologizing. Joe Biden has been lying to the American people for over 47 years, and now without some storybook comeback, after this rigged election, he will lie to our faces with a smile for four more years.

Corn Pop

Corn Pop

They call me Corn Pop. Joe Biden says I'm one bad dude, and I run a lot of bad dudes. The truth of the matter is that I kicked his scrawny arrogant white ass. I'm a good dude who doesn't like a hair sniffing, scrawny, pencil-neck geek from Scranton try to bully my boys. Right after the butt kicking, Biden took a 'lid," and we never saw him again. True Story.

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