Joe Biden Sold America Out

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There have been longstanding claims of Biden corruption for years. For nearly three years, Biden and his surrogates have responded to hints of scandal dealing with Ukraine and China with an increasingly unconvincing series of denials — including another from the former vice president in his last debate with President Trump.

However, three brave Patriots stood up at risk with Hunter’s emails which have all but confirmed the whispers of corruption. of course, Joe Biden has the protection of big tech and the media which quickly buried this and other evidence which clearly shows that Joe Biden is corrupt.

The news outlets and big tech have covered for Joe Biden for far too long. These are the same organizations that have harassed President Trump for four years with witch-hunt after witch-hunt. Joe Biden can no longer hide, and we can’t remain silent any longer.

We will now unleash the truth about Biden’s corruption and the individuals who have allowed his family to gain riches as he sold out America to the highest bidder.

From Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill to his disastrous NAFTA Bill, Joe Biden has always been on the wrong side of every major political event during his 47-year career.

Welcome to the “Biden Corruption Project”

Corn Pop

Corn Pop

They call me Corn Pop. Joe Biden says I'm one bad dude, and I run a lot of bad dudes. The truth of the matter is that I kicked his scrawny arrogant white ass. I'm a good dude who doesn't like a hair sniffing, scrawny, pencil-neck geek from Scranton try to bully my boys. Right after the butt kicking, Biden took a 'lid," and we never saw him again. True Story.

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